Chapter 39.5 – Ox's diary


Sombrar, 10th of X5 2040.


This is my first time writing a diary. I will write it according to the Dwarves calendar since this is the only one I have at home. For any potential reader who does not know of the Dwarves calendar, it basically sorts a year into twelve months, each of them four weeks. Each week is made up of seven days :


Sombrar, Marciar, Grociar, Eltar, Marchar, Sismar and Merculiar.


The twelve months go like this :


X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6.


In other words, each year is made up of 336 days. But all in all, it is almost identical to other calendars, except for the names.


Anyway, nothing really special to say today, except for the fact that I am currently 215 years old and it was my birthday yesterday.




Sismar, 16th of P4 2040.


I made a discovery today. Magic is not just contained in me but also in other living beings and even in everything around us.


I believe the Magic in us and the Magic in the environment are different.




Marciar, 2nd of X6 2042.


After two years of experimenting both on the nature and on my own body, I have reached the conclusion that there are indeed two different types of Magic :


The elemental Magic, which I decided to call Cindril.


The life Magic, which I decided to call Xii.


I say life Magic because using Xii has a price. It is harmless for those with the Healing attribute like me but overusing it will make someone sick in the long term. Not being cured while still using Xii will eventually result in the death of the user.




Sombrar, 8th of P2 2170


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my diary. Since I’m immortal I don’t really have the same notion of time as normal people but still… I was busy writing all my discoveries in my research books.


I decided to write something here again because something big happened today. I was taking a stroll in the forest of Glavopolis, the Elven capital. I had been experimenting on my magical discoveries in the forest when I met him.


He is a young Elf named Arcadeus Sigitor. He is about nineteen years old. When he saw me using all different kinds of magics, he became very interested and asked me to teach him. Naturally, I accepted; there was nothing that could make me happier than to share my knowledge with a youngling.


As an Elf, he had a natural disposition towards the use of Magic. Even Xii, which was the hardest one to master, became available to him after I tattooed him with a Mana seal that was infused with my own.


This is because I became aware that Xii was not something that could be naturally used by any individual. It depended on the Aura of the user. Some with a certain Aura could use it while others couldn’t. Elves, Hybrids and the Half-race had a very high chance of having the right Aura but Arcadeus was one of the unlucky ones. However, colouring his Aura with my own through the use of the Magic Tattoo solved this problem.


I started to believe that these races have a higher chance of being able to use Xii for a specific reason : unlike Cindril, which made use of the elemental Magic contained in everything around us, Xii made us of the user’s life force, hence the extra Mana cost. It was thus extremely affected by the user’s emotions, his Aura and his health.


This also meant that for races that couldn’t heal themselves like the Elves or that lacked a high amount of Mana like Hybrids or the Half-race, the use of Xii was dangerous and could threaten the user’s life way more easily.


Anyway, I started to teach Arcadeus everything I knew about Magic.




Eltar, 27th of P3 2276


It has been a little over a century since I met Arcadeus. I had nothing more to teach him after a couple of years but he still kept on working with me. Thanks to his help, I managed to unravel almost all the secrets hidden behind Magic, except maybe for the reason for its existence in the first place. I am still working on that though.


Was there a god that created this world ? Was there a superior being that introduced Magic ?


The thing is, I could also create my own dimension, my own world. I showed how to do it to Arcadeus and although he lacked the Mana to do it, he understood the theory behind it.


The way to navigate between my worlds was quite simple. I just had to create beacons – items imbued with my Mana.


I had created three of them, one in Glavopolis, the Elven capital, one in Naxus, the biggest town in the Sill continent and one in the middle of the Klung continent. Thus, I could freely access any part of the world easily.


So, all in all, I could create my world, I was ageless  and immortal and I had the power to go wherever I wanted instantly. Did this make me a… living god ?


Maybe the world did not have a physical god because it already had one… me ?


What was my purpose after all ? Since I was not meant to die, did this mean I was meant to accomplish something ?


The more I thought about it, the more I thought I understood : what I had to do was to discover the secrets of Magic and share them with the rest of the world.


Arcadeus had expressed concerned about teaching everyone Xii. He said that unscrupulous individuals would soon use it to commit crimes and that it would become very hard to preserve peace and keep everyone safe if just about anyone could blow up a city as long as they were gifted with the ability to use Xii.

While he was certainly right to be worried, there was no need for that : as a living god, I could very easily keep the world safe. If need be, it was possible for me to erase anyone that had evil intentions. And when people would understand that they could not oppose me, they’d naturally stop causing problems.




Sismar, 29th of P3 2276


I haven’t seen Arcadeus in the past few days. We had an argument about the balance of the world if I were to teach Magic to everyone through my books but when I told him I already sold off a couple of them, he became mad and left. I haven’t heard of him since.




Merculiar, 30th of P3 2276


How foolish I was…


Arcadeus came back yesterday night. He looked calm so we had dinner together to reconcile. But I was deceived…


He drugged my meal and while my body was healing the poison, he took care of the situation to unleash his full power on me and take me out in a few seconds.


My body automatically teleported me to Eternum, the world I had created in case of emergencies to heal myself.


But when I got healed and tried to go back…


I realised.


There was no beacon left.


So that is what Arcadeus has been up to these past few days, huh… The only gate I have left is the tattoo on Arcadeus’ back but he sealed it with his own Mana…


Which means that I am currently trapped inside Eternum until Arcadeus dies…


Well, since it will probably take a while – a very long while – I might as well start sleeping. Not that there is anything else for me to do here.




???, ??th of ?? ???


I don’t know how long I have been here. It was possible for me to keep an eye on the exterior world through the tattoo. My vision of the world was lacking but I was still aware of what was going on out there to some extent.


Anyway, I have had a brilliant idea which I have been thinking of ever since I was sealed in here.


Was I naive when I was still in the world of Sigmas ? I doubt it, since as a god, I am meant to be perfect, right ? Which means that if I have been betrayed in such a fashion, the living beings in the world out there are not worth being saved by my knowledge. What is needed is… yes, a world without any of these problems.


This is my mission.


I must erase this failure of a world and create a new perfect one. This is the reason I was born.
Now, there is nothing left for me to but wait… Wait for my time to rise once more…