Chapter 36 – It begins where it all ended


“Welcome ladies and gentlemen for the twenty-ninth edition of the annual Porcephone Magic Tournament !”


Cheers rose up in the new Coliseum, which had recently been expanded by the new Emperor. There was now a commentator sitting on a platform in the upper side of the arena.


“But before the matches begin, please salute our Emperor, Orth Porcephone !”


The cheers stopped as a young man walked up the highest platform of the stage, a balcony dominating both the audience and the dueling grounds. He was a man who was in his early twenties and was wearing the traditional Emperor clothes.


Behind him, an old man – his father the previous Emperor, could be seen with a satisfied expression. A third man, who according to his clothes looked like the Archmage, was also there.


Both Emperors then sat on magnificent thrones made of gold and steel. And the first match began.


Just like every year, it was a competition for those ranging from ten to twenty years old. Just like every year, weapons other than magically created ones were prohibited as well as any magic accessory. Just like every year, most participants were battling using Intermediate and Expert Magic.


There was a challenger however, who defeated all his opponents without getting scratched a single time.


Unlike the previous Emperor, Orth Porcephone was actively watching all the matches, thoroughly enjoying his time, not just the finals. That is why the contestant that scored a perfect in all of his fights spiked the Emperor’s interest.


He was a man with a black hoodie that was hiding his face. He looked slick and slim but the rest of his clothes were mostly hidden by a black cape.


Eventually, the matches kept going on and the mysterious undefeated man made it to the finals, still without any injury.


“And now… the finals, ladies and gentlemen ! On my left, the terror of the west side of the Porcephone Empire, the one feared by many of his peers… Artwarth Drakes  !”

“And on my right… a mysterious unscathed challenger who seems to be an unstoppable force… the man who people call Kehrr Jo !”

“Get ready for the fight of the year… go !”


Drakes started the encounter very offensively by creating a magical『Earth Armor』to protect himself. He then spawned multiple『Earth Spikes』in the air, which he launched at full speed towards Jo with the force of『Whirlwind』. To further increase the damage output, he had made the spikes spin beforehand using『Wind Push』very precisely. This truly showed that Drakes was an experienced Magic user.


But all this looked like nothing but childsplay to Kehrr. Jo swept the spikes with a『Whirlwind』on a whole different level than Drakes’. He then proceeded to use『Wind Push』on himself to get closer to Drakes. He ripped through the armor with a few『Wind Razors』despite how sturdy it looked. He finished his deeds by knocking his opponent in the air with another『Whirlwind』.


A match that was supposed to be the greatest match of the year was finished in mere seconds.


The audience eventually looked like they understood what had just happened and while an Elf was rushing to Drakes’ side, the spectators started cheering the mysterious man.


The Emperor truly looked impressed as he moved up to the border of his balcony.


“A very beautiful victory indeed, Mr. Kehrr ! I must applaude your mastery of Wind Magic as you defeated your opponent using only the power of this element. Come in the middle of the stage, you shall now be crowned victor of the twenty-ninth Magic Tournament.”


“No need.”


For the first time, the mysterious man spoke. He was however talking loud enough for the entire Coliseum to hear him.


“Dear inhabitants of the Porcephone Empire ! This has probably nothing to do with you. But I personally know that your Emperor is rotten. I have come here to announce you my declaration of war against the Porcephone Empire !”


The new Emperor, his father, the commentator and the spectators, all looked confused, like they had misheard what the man had just said.


“This means that while I have nothing against all of you personally, anyone who gets in my way shall be deleted.The safest choice for you would be to quit the Empire as long as you still can. But today is supposed to be a joyful and exciting day isn’t it ? So I will end this ceremony by freeing you of one of the many parasites of our world !”


Following that, a blank. Nothing seemed to happen. But it was more like no one noticed the change in scenery. Then finally, a scream arose.


“The Emperor… Elasius II ! His head ! The previous Emperor has been beheaded !”


People stood up with haste and tried to leave the Coliseum by running. Meanwhile the young Emperor known as Orth Porcephone and the Archmage called Vladimir Stalford were both splashed with the blood of the old man, both of them still shocked by the event.


Finally, Orth managed to get a grip and ordered the soldiers dispatched all around the Coliseum to surround the man who called himself Jo Kehrr.


Jo simply used his mastery of the wind to knock away the twenty guards around him with ease.


He then readied another one of his『Shadow Cuts』to behead the current Emperor.


Unfortunately though, the Archmage reacted fast enough and carried the young Emperor to safety with several different Wind spells.


“Tch. Looks like I’m going to have to come again. Well, it’s fine. This is war after all, ha, ha, ha. I wasn’t expecting to kill the enemy king in one turn.”


After saying that Jo Kehrr, or should I say Joker, vanished through the shadows.


Meanwhile, I had been watching carefully from the shadows myself. It looks like everything was going rather well. The previous Emperor had been killed and the whole human capital was now in a state of pure chaos and panic.


As Wahnsinn, it was my role to support Joker. And now, according to his plan, our army of 500,000 golems had been teleported all around the town and was now surrounding Naxus.


“Although Joker just said that, I know well myself that he willingly let the Emperor live. That is also part of his plan.”

After five years, the Revolution was finally happening.