Chapter 33.5 – He, who watches


“Ooooh… I see that one of the main races has been entirely decimated ! How interesting.”


I was currently watching the Klug continent. Watching is all I could do since I did not exist in this realm anymore. But I still had eyes to oversee the world. My world. Yet the one thing that was stolen away from me.


“The Orcs have never been a really interesting race anyway. I always disliked these brutal idiots. They couldn’t even control Magic. Such failures. But still… even the Orc children were killed. That’s quite brutal. Looks like the one who calls himself Joker is serious about what he’s doing. Ooooh, how I wish I could be there at this point in time. But it’s fine. I’ll wait a bit longer.”


It’s not like I was in a dull place. I was in the world I had created after all. And it was dream-like. But I was lonely. I was alone, after all these years. Even an amazing place gets boring after a while if you’re the only one there.


“This Joker kid though… he can use Xii, huh ? I have not seen anyone else use Xii ever since my disciple erased all traces of it. Hahaha, this is interesting, ooooh how interesting. Hopefully he will meet my disciple. That would be another interesting event.”


I really wanted to meet Joker. There were so many things I wanted to do.


“It’s been awhile since I watched Sigmas. Sleeping so long makes you even more tired. How long did I sleep for this time ? Ten years ? Twenty years ? I wake up and an entire race has been erased by one human who can use Xii. Is this fate ? Maybe the time has come for me to come back as well ? Hahahaha…”


But for now, I am waiting. I have been waiting for years. Hundreds of years. My return is unavoidable. No matter how long it takes, I WILL be back.


And when that happens…