Chapter 30 – The Dark Joker (1)


I looked around me. No one was paying attention to me. I was wearing a mask, which was unusual but it was also hidden by a hood anyway. Good…


I didn’t know what the people of this town would think if they recognised me. For some, I was a hero but for most of the inhabitants, I was merely a face on a wanted poster.


This was the first time I had seen them since my breakout. The face depicted on the posters was the one I had before being tortured but people could still probably link it to my current face if they saw it. Luckily, I had taken some precaution by hiding my identity.


I have to say the bounty on my head was quite enormous. 1,000 Gold coins, that’s how much it was. But I doubted anyone would collect the money anytime soon.


Bruneciel. I had not been here since the beginning of my journey with Father. Ahh, such nostalgic feelings. Why was I here ? The answer is quite simple : I was on a journey to find a way to cure my burns as well as creating an army. The first objective was to heal myself though.


When thinking about healing, the first thing that came to mind was Healing Magic. I knew for sure that there was a healer in Bruneciel and since it wasn’t too far from Aldenaf, this is where I headed first after leaving my headquarters.


Naturally, I didn’t go inside the tavern where I went last time I visited the town. I simply asked around and managed to find where the Healer of the town was. He was working there as a full-time Healer so I didn’t have too much trouble discovering his location.


I entered his office and went directly to face him. The Elf was sitting behind his desk, filling in some paperwork and looked up to me with a surprised face.


“Hmm… did we have an appointment ? What’s your name, sir ?”

“Ha, ha, ha. I am afraid I forgot such thing. But I am in great pain so could you please examine me ?”

“Is it life threatening ?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Hmm… then let me have a look.”


He approached me and I showed him my left arm first.


“Oh, by the 7 Sages ! Your arm is covered with third degree burns ! How long have you had it for !?”

“Hmm… about… a few months…”

“Goodness… then I am terribly sorry but I cannot do anything for you.”

“Why not ?”

“Healing Magic is dependant of how strong the attribute of its caster is. For most Elves, wounds have to be healed by Healing Magic within one week after being inflicted or else, they won’t be powerful enough to cure it.”

“So you are not powerful enough, huh. Is there anyone you know that would be able to heal me though ?”

“… At this stage, only one of the Sages could heal you.”

“And where can I find them ? On the Dorua continent ?”

“Yes, that should be the place where they reside. Elves are wary of outsiders though so you should be careful.”

“I see… thank you.”


I left his office and headed towards the gates of the town. I casted『Levitation』on myself and started skating on the air. I actually went faster than by riding a horse this way, although it was a more tiring.


An easy way to make a Sage heal me was to threaten them but considering their healing abilities, the best to do that was to seal them into Void and only accept to release them on the condition they heal me. That was however impossible now.


Not long after leaving Aldenaf, I had noticed that my mastery of Shadow Magic was relatively weak. Without Wahnsinn to assist me, I could not use『Shadow Warp』and although I could shape『Shadow Skin』to use it in battle, I could not use it to teleport myself.


I regretted separating myself from Wahnsinn. I didn’t expect my power to decrease that much just because I didn’t have full control of Shadow Magic but after using it for so long, not being able to use it as well as before made me feel weaker than ever.


Normally, understanding the theory behind Magic was enough for me to master it but Shadow Magic was complex and required a tremendous amount of concentration. I didn’t feel it before because Wahnsinn was there to support me but I could now hardly rely on Shadow Magic as much as I did before.


Something else I had noticed was that I had trouble using telepathy to talk to Wahnsinn. I thought it would be fine back in Aldenaf but it seems I was wrong. Truthfully, I was alone right now.


My chances of getting healed didn’t look very big but looking at the bright side, the Elves secluded themselves from the rest of the world so there was almost no chance for them to know that I was a wanted man in the Porcephone Empire. I didn’t fool myself though. No one was generous enough to use their power to cure a total stranger from another race. I’d most likely have to force one of the Sages to heal me.




I arrived at my destination a few hours later. Luckily, Aldenaf and Bruneciel were rather close to the coast so reaching the nearest port town, Shorcoast, wasn’t too long.


The Porcephone Empire extended over two thirds of the Silis continent and the region in which Aldenaf, Noxus and Bruneciel were located was close to the sea separating the Sillis continent to the Klug one. This made it easy for the capital to trade with the Dwarves, who had a lot of natural resources to offer – especially minerals and materials.


The fastest way to reach the Dorua continent was to go through the Klug continent and take another boat to reach the Dorua coast. Klug was divided into two main areas : the Valley and the Desert. Going through the entire Valley would take a few months but it was not too long for me if it meant recovering from my injuries.


I had no idea where I was meant to go after arriving on the Dorua continent though. I thought that I would have to think about it when it in time and headed towards the port.


I approached one of the sailors that was waiting in front of the boat.


“I’d like to get onto one of the ships that go to the Klug continent.”

“No problem, sir. That’ll be 100 Gold coins.”

“Hmm… never mind, I forgot to bring the money with me.”

“Whatever you want sir.”


As I thought, a boat trip costs a lot of money. Money which I totally lacked of at the moment. I could probably steal money from someone but I didn’t want to attract too much attention on myself right now.


I could also fly over short distances thanks to my mastery of Gravity magic but there was no way I would have enough Mana to fly over the entire sea.However, I could just hop on the boat like that as soon as it would depart.


I decided to do that and waited for the right moment. I then jumped reduced the Gravity on myself to a minimum and used 『Whirlwind』on myself to fly and land on the ship.

Now, on to the Klug continent.