Chapter 29 – A new master


Yaquinn was currently residing in an inn at the edge of a small village called Roget. It was a village similar to Aldenaf in its size and the feeling of community that was present in the air. The sight of such a town left me nostalgic and reminded me of my goal : undergoing a special training with Yaquinn in order to get stronger and find out about the catastrophe behind the disappearance of Aldenaf.


Why did I need strength for that purpose ? It was quite simple : by assuming that it was caused by one person – potentially Vlad Stalford, the strongest Mage in the Porcephone Empire, I needed to be able to defeat such an opponent. However, my current level was ridiculously low so I had no other choice but to train vigorously with my new Master.


I managed to find Yaquinn quite easily. Just like the first time, he was busy eating quietly at a table in the inn where he was accommodated. Despite looking absorbed in the task of eating his pork and rice, he seemed to notice me as soon as I entered the inn.


“Ah, there you are Hell ! I was getting tired of waiting !”
“What… you were the one who told me to wait two weeks before meeting you again.”
“That’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been looking forward to this day, haha. I’ve never had an apprentice before nor have I ever taught someone.”
“I’ll do my best to make the most out of what you teach me, Master. I am looking forward to be under your guidance.”
“Master ? Haha, no need to be so formal, keep calling me Yaquinn please. By the way… who’s that dragon behind you ?”
“What !?”


I turned around to check on Glace. Her scales and horns could not be seen so there was no way to guess she was a dragon Hybrid. Just how did Yaquinn…


On the other hand, Glace didn’t look surprised, only suspicious.


“Don’t be surprised, Hell. This man can see my Aura.”
“Aura ? What is that ?”


Yaquinn spoke up with a smirk on his face.


“Oh, what a clever dragon. You’re a bit off though. Listen up, Hell : the most basic knowledge about Magic is that all living things have a Mana. However, it is invisible to the naked eye, to normal people that is. To the people who can see it though, each individual has a different type of Mana, with a different colour and different patterns. Aura is the word used to describe the individual Mana, from these people’s point of view. I do not have the ability to see Aura though. All I did was… sensing the wind.”
“Sensing the wind ?”


Glace frowned, as if she didn’t understand what Yaquinn had just said.


“Unlike the ability to see Aura, sensing the wind is a skill that can be acquired, given enough training. It is a bit hard to describe but to make it short, it allows me to determine the rough identity of a person, sense their bloodlust and helps predicting their moves just by feeling and analysing the air surrounding them. As for you, girl, the air around you is very hot yet cold. It’s something I have not felt since I fought an Ice Dragon.”
“I guess I cannot hide it from you. I am a dragon Hybrid.”
“A dragon Hybrid ? Oooh, now this is something new. What is your name, if I may ask, young lady ?”
“I’m Glace. Nice to meet you… Yaquinn ?”
“Yes. Are you perhaps here for training as well ?”
“No. I am only here because I am Hell’s girlfriend.”
“Oho ? Girlfriend ?”


She said that with a straight face. I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. My face started blushing and I tried to deny it.


“G-Girlfriend ? I-I didn’t agree to anything like that ! For one… I am only 13, I am a bit young for love, no ?”


I looked up to Yaquinn as a last resort but it looked like he was enjoying the situation quite a lot and decided not to help me.


“There is no age for love hahaha. Must be good to be young. Enjoy your lovey dovey time now because I will work you up to the bone for the next 2 years !”


2 years. That’s how long my training was going to be. Yaquinn was known as the Wanderer for a reason though. He didn’t intend to settle in just one place so moving around from one inn to another was going to become a daily routine for me. I did miss my relatively relaxing life back in Aldenaf but all good things come to an end. After all, my home was gone now.


We finished eating and went up to our rooms. The training would start tomorrow but for now, I had to rest because of the exhausting journey to reach this place. Yaquinn went back to his own room and I went in the one I got from the innkeeper with Glace following me.


As soon as I noticed that we were once more alone in a single room together, I started feeling uncomfortable again. She said she was my girlfriend but I didn’t ever say anything about being her boyfriend. Besides, I was still doubting the extent of her love for me. After all, she may be grateful for me saving her back then but wasn’t her falling in love with me a bit… quick ?


I remembered the thing she said to me earlier : “you think too much”. I couldn’t help it though ; unlike big brother, I wasn’t very pragmatic and always ended up doubting everything and having trouble reaching a firm decision.


Glace saw through my troubles and looked apologetic.


“I’m sorry… did what I said to Yaquinn annoy you ? Maybe I got a little bit ahead of myself by saying I was your girlfriend…”
“Do you perhaps… have someone you like already ?”
“I, uh, no I don’t…”
“Ah, great ! Then I’ll do my best so that you also fall in love with me !”
“Huh… sure.”


As a healthy 13 years old, I was of course interested in falling in love although it may still be a bit too early for me. Anyway, these thoughts were overloading my brain so I decided to clear my mind and go to sleep.


Despite what she said, Glace didn’t try to sneak into my bed like I suspected she would. It looked like she was taking the “no slutty attitude” condition seriously. That was good for me – and my mental sanity.


I woke up the next day and started to learn the basics of Wind Dance with Yaquinn.
6 days a week of training, 1 day of rest that I would spend mostly relaxing with Glace.


That was what was about to become a daily routine for the next two years.