Some updates on the status of the novel

I’m pumped up !


I just finished the very first illustration for my novel, turning it into a light novel, somehow (not counting the front cover). You can go back to the first chapter to check it out : Chapter 1 – Father’s Arrival
I have started multiple other ones and I will be adding them to the already posted chapters as I finish them (since I don’t wait to finish the illustrations to release new chapters, otherwise the release speed would be way too long).

I’ll also be creating a folder containing all of the illustrations that you can check if you want to see whether I added some new ones or just quickly find them 🙂

However, as confusing as it might be, I probably won’t be posting the illustration in order, because I like to draw whenever I feel inspired so for instance, I still need to finish some of them for the first arc while I’ve already finished some of the ones for Arc 2…


About the novel, I’m almost done with the first arc. It will end at chapter 20 so only 2 more chapters to go ! But don’t worry, there won’t be too much wait until Arc 2 because I already have most of it planned already.


Oh and also, merry Christmas, since I probably won’t update on that day so I’m writing it now    ٩(^ᴗ^)۶


~ Desperate Joker