Chapter 15 – Back to the Village


Following our breakout, we were now running in the forest in border of the town.


Even though Wahnsinn was bearing the physical burden of『Shadow Skin』, I was still exhausted from these two weeks of daily mental and physical torture. and I also felt the intense pain from the eternal burns. However, I couldn’t afford to stop running . Hell and Mother were in danger and I had to reach Aldenaf before the soldiers.


To keep a relatively high speed, I was continuously pushing us with『Wind Push』. Following Wahnsinn’s advice, I also cast『Dragonfly』on myself to further increase my movement speed which obviously made my remaining Mana finally run out and made me faint.

However, Wahnsinn kept my body going while I was sleeping using『Shadow Skin』to create an extra leg and carry the right side of my body.


When I woke up, I retrieved one piece of Jerius’ body via『Exit』 and started chewing on the Elf meat. It honestly tasted like chicken.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel disgusted by eating Elf meat. After all, it tasted much, much better than the pitiful meals I had been given for the past weeks.


After eating both legs, I finally felt full. The best way to recover one’s Mana was to sleep but it would regenerate much slower if I were hungry.


My little rest and the Elf meat were enough for me to finally gather a satisfying amount of Mana. I tried casting『Levitation』on myself and after ordering Wahnsinn to let me run, I started hovering a few centimeters above the ground. This allowed me to skate on the air and go much faster than before.


We kept advancing towards Aldenaf for 4 more days. At night, I would let Wahnsinn skate in my stead and I would sleep with him moving my body for me. I also kept eating all of Jerius’ meat until nothing but bones were left.


I finally arrived at the entrance of the village, only to be stopped by three guards. They looked very suspicious of me and didn’t recognise me at all despite me being the son of their former colleague.

I guess I must have looked way different than when I left.


“Stop right here. Where do you think you’re going ? Have you realised you’re naked ? And what’s this black thing on your body ? Is it a sickness ?”

“Ha, ha, I am not ashamed of my body but I would gladly accept if you gave me your pants.”

“You think you’re funny, you punk !?”


Another guard joined the conversation.


“Look at him. Either he’s homeless or he’s escaped from jail. Either way, we’re not letting you inside the village.”

“Tch. You’ve decided to get in my way right ? Well, what about you let me enter if I show you a magic trick ?”

“What ? There’s no way we’ll let-”

“Now you see me…”


Wahnsinn teleported us for the first time. We ended up in a black space without any noise or light where I couldn’t breathe. Immediately after, we were teleported back to my world as『Exit』“spit” us out.


“Now you don’t… ha, ha, ha…”


While I was talking to the guards, I had sneaked『Exit』in by moving it above the soldiers’ face. I looked back and I could see the soldiers shaking their heads a few 10 meters away, not understanding what just happened.


I had now successfully entered the village. I rushed to my house and stormed in, expecting soldiers.

I looked through the living room, however there was nothing unusual.


Nothing aside Mother’s corpse lying in the middle, lifeless.


From the smell, I understood that she had been raped and killed… or the other way around.

Her face was bright red with swollen eyes and a sorrowful expression.

I looked around the whole house but Hell was nowhere to be seen.


“They really took everything away from you…”

“Ha, ha, ha. Yeah… really.”

“Wait, not everything ! You still have your girlfriend, don’t you !?”

“Ah, that’s true !”


I had almost forgotten about Blume. Cursing myself for my carelessness, we hurried to her house. It was unlikely that Orth’s soldiers knew about her but who knows ? It was possible that he had tortured Father too and forced him to reveal everything about me.


After only a minute, we arrived at her house. Unlike before, I wasn’t greeted by her mother. There was no one in the entrance so we walked deeper only to hear… Blume crying !

The cries were coming from her bedroom. The more I approached, the more they sounded like painful screams. She was probably being tortured by the soldiers ! There was no way I’d let her go through the same pain I suffered !

At last, we finally kicked her door open and what I saw defied my wildest expectations.


Blume was there, alive, sitting on her bed. At least, that’s what I thought at first.


“Blume !”

“Kyaa !”


The reality was quite different. She was actually on top of Tras. Or should I say riding him. Naked of course.


Mistaking moans of pleasure for screams of pain was quite shameful…

Despair… hate… jealousy… wrath…
My vision got blurred by the whirlwind of emotions. This made us stagger.

At this point, something snapped inside of me.


Finally, I had lost my last bit of humanity.


“Ha, ha, ha… one liar and one horny bitch.”

“Wh- Who are you !?”


Tras got up in a hurry and drew his sword. His usual confident attitude was nowhere to be seen. Ah I see. Seeing as how I was still naked, he must have taken me for a pervert.


“That’s so mean, Tras… you don’t even recognise your best friend ?”

“Don’t tell me… Zw-”


He didn’t have time to finish his sentence. We cut his body in half with a『Shadow Cut』and blood splashed everywhere. Tras died before hitting the ground.


With a horrified look, Blume was about to scream in terror but we didn’t give her enough time. She was beheaded the same way as Jerius almost instantly.


We stood there, alone. In my right hand, I held my ex-girlfriend’s head.


“Ha, ha, ha. Looks like I’m not the only one who lost my head there. Get it ? Losing my head ? Ha, ha, ha. Now that’s what I call an explosive breakup.”


I couldn’t contain my laugh. I kissed her one last time and threw her head on the bed.