Chapter 4 – Wind Cut




“Behind you !”

“Huh ?”


Despite what they had just said, Tras and Hell were taken by surprise. Although I had understood that the two of them could deal with one C-Rank monster, 5 vs. 2 was probably too much for them.

We quickly got encircled by the monsters. They prepared to charge at us. It seems like they were planning to squash us together at the same time from all sides. The was no way we could dodge them and protecting against all of them at the same time seemed impossible.

In face of that desperate situation, Tras’ smile finally vanished. He now looked tense, just like Hell.

“Is this the end ?” That thought crossed my mind. Wasn’t there anything I could do to help ? I gathered all my knowledge about how Magic works that I had gathered so far. 『Wind Cut』 was too weak, no matter how well I molded it. If the molding isn’t the problem to increase the power of 『Wind Cut』… it could only mean two things. Either there is a natural lock on the power of each spell, which seemed unlikely to me as I couldn’t understand the logic behind it… or it meant that the lack of power came from the elemental Magic. That would mean that the Wind Cindril was too weak to begin with. So going along with that, how to make it stronger ?


The only solution was to pour my own Mana into the Wind Cindril. Basically increasing the amount of Magic contained inside the 『Wind Cut』. If a regular 『Wind Cut』 was equal to 10 Magic Points (8 provided by the Wind Cindril and 2 by molding via my own Mana) then what would happen if it became 50 Magic Points ? That would be 8 from Wind Cindril + 42 of my own Mana). According to the amount of spells I produced during training, my current Mana amount is probably around 200. I must have used up about 50 Mana already which leaves me with about 150…
Which means I can launch 3 『Wind Cut』 with more Mana poured into it.

Now the question is “How to I add my own Mana into Cindril ?” I thought it should be easier than creating elemental Magic from Mana because here I’m just supposed to fuel the elemental Magic so just infusing Mana should be ok ?

To see it from another perspective, I wouldn’t be able to create fire out of nothing yet but I’d be able to lit it using fuels. Here, the fire is Wind Cindril and the fuel is my raw Magic.


“Well it’s not like I’ve come up with anything else anyway, I’ll just have to try it !”


While Tras and Hell waited helplessly, the Iron Boars started charging towards us. I forced myself to calm down and felt the Wind Cindril around us. I gathered about 40 Mana in 3 different places around me and infused it into the Wind Cindril. I could feel the Wind Cindril becoming more dense as I poured my Mana into it. Then I used 6 more Mana to shape 3 『Wind Cut』 that I launched toward the feet of 3 Iron Boars.

The result was unexpected. Two of the boars got cut in half while the third one lost two legs and fell on the ground before reaching us. Using this opportunity, Tras somehow recovered, grabbed Hell and we both jumped aside to dodge the remaining two boars.


“Zwölf… how did you…”

“No time to talk ! They’re coming !”


I used all my remaining Magic to launch a last 『Wind Cut』 at the 4th boar. This one got sliced in half horizontally. Looks like its scales weren’t that hard after all. Tras beheaded the 5th one with a 『Furious Slash』 while Hell finished off the one that had fell on the ground.


We looked around us to make sure that there was no remaining monster. Finally, we were safe. That’s the moment I chose to faint.