Chapter 2 – First Battle



I met Blume 3 months after Father’s departure. She was a girl who was also studying at the library and although it was not the first time I had seen her, it was the first time I had gathered the courage to talk to her. I am by no means a coward but… she was just too beautiful. So dazzling in fact that I couldn’t help but blushing as I approached her.


“H-Hi… I often see you studying there… what are you studying ?”


She looked at me, slightly surprised then showed a gentle smile. She had big green eyes and a nicely shaped face along with blond twin tails. Aaah, such a perfect sight…


“Hi. I noticed you come to the library rather often as well. I’m studying botany and alchemy. You see, my mother is sick and I wish to cure her but we lack the money to afford a doctor or the services of an alchemist and to be honest with you… I don’t really understand these books. They’re rather hard or maybe I’m just stupid ? Hahaha… I’m Blume Dorthfield by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“A-Ah, I’m Zwölf Kreizig ! N-Nice to meet you too ! By the way… about your mother… would you let me see her ?” “Huh ? Why ?” “A-hum well, I just happen to be slightly knowledgeable about illnesses and how to cure them. I can’t guarantee anything but I may be of some help ?” “If that’s the case then please do !”


In truth, I had read so much about Alchemy in Mother’s books that I knew just about as much as her on a theoretical level. Of course, I lacked practice but I did help her gathering materials and I watched her making potions before. Blume led me to her house and there I met her mother. She was lying on a bed and kept coughing. Her eyes looked bloodshot and she had trouble to breathe. After examining her I asked Blume if she had been in contact with a Daranthia lately and turns out she had.


Daranthia were monsters born from any poisonous plant being exposed to accumulated Magic. They gained the ability to move on their own and poison people by merely touching them. Although they were rather easy to kill and the poison could be cured, they could still be fatal to normal humans. Blume’s mother was lucky to have been examined by a someone who knew about them. A few more days and she’d have died from the poison.


I went back home to gather a few ingredients and using Mother’s laboratory, I attempted to craft a medicinal potion. It looked just like the one Mother made so I assumed it was a success. I went back to Blume’s house and gave her mother the potion to drink. It would take 2 to 3 hours for the symptoms to clear if I made the right potion. In the mean time, I tried hunting the Daranthia in Blume’s garden. Most of the time, monsters never entered the town thanks to the protection of the guards but sometimes a monster sneaked in the town when vigilance was reduced.


Daranthia can be killed by any normal mean, a single sword swing is usually enough to cut them in pieces. Although I didn’t have a sword with me, I did have my newly learnt 『Wind Cut』. That should do the trick. I faced the monster and cut it in half as predicted. Although it was that easy, when I turned around, I saw Blume’s eyes shining brightly.


” Zwölf ! That… just now… you cut it using Magic didn’t you !? That’s awesome ! So   cool !”

“Is it really that amazing ? I thought it was just beginner level magic ?”

“Even so, not many people can use magic in our town. Besides, to face off a monster and instant-kill it… that’s just… cool.”

“I-I see.. Well thanks…”


Being complimented so much by Blume, I started blushing until my whole face was dyed red. Then we went back to check on Blume’s mother. She was completely cured and although still a bit weak, she was able to breath perfectly and had stopped coughing. She thanked me many times and offered to eat dinner at their house as thanks.




A week went by and the news about me saving miss Dorthfield quickly spread around the village. Things like “As expected of Miss Kreizig’s son, a real healer” reached my ears many times. I did know a lot of the people in our village, though it was merely limited to knowing their names. My one and only friend was called Tras and when he heard the news, he came to congratulate me.


“All I did in the end was stealing Mother’s job.”

“Nah, don’t say that ! You helped save a life. I’m proud of you, hahaha.”


Tras was one year older than me and was very good looking. He was also very talented with a sword and often helped Hell with training. He was probably the best swordsman in the whole village and everyone had high hopes for him as a knight. Having such a friend, I may have been jealous but I was just happy for him. This time, having him congratulate me was quite the honour.


“So, I hear the daughter of the woman you saved is quite the looker, huh ?”

“… Yes she is…”

“Ohoo ? Could it be that Zwölf has finally awoken to his primal instincts ?”

“Nothing like that, idiot !”

“Ahahaha, if you like her, just confess ! I’m sure she’ll accept if it comes from a man like you.”

“What do you mean “a man like me” ?”

“Well you might not be the best fighter in the world but you’ve got the brains. I think you’ll make it far.”

“I see… thanks.”

“No problem. And I’m cheering on you for the confession !”

“Hueeeh ? When did I say I would confess !?”


Blume kept hanging out with Tras and I after that event and I did end up confessing to her. Like that, I gained my very first girlfriend.


Blume Dorthfield