Welcome to my blog where I’ll be posting mostly chapters of my web novel : Dark Jokes. I will also post some illustrations, like a light novel.


Summary :

In a universe where Magic is the origin of all things, Zwölf is a normal teen with the ambition of becoming a Magician. One day, he gets the opportunity to expand his knowledge of Magic by travelling through the seemingly peaceful world. However, he will soon discover the darkest sides of life… the hard way.


Note : this story contains gore and is sexually explicit. It is therefore reserved to a mature audience. Younger users please be aware.

A few links :

Here is a link to the prologue : Chapter 0 – Prologue

The table of contents : Directory

Latest chapter : Chapter 46 – His decision

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Please excuse my inconstancy as to when I release chapters but that’s just how student life works.

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I hope you enjoy my novel 。^‿^。

 ~ Desperate Joker